August 28, 2010
Frequently Asked Freedom Questions (FAFQ)
Q: Is it out yet?
A: No.
Q: When?
A: Tuesday the 31st.
Q: But I want it now.
A: Patience.
Q: Have you read it? Is it good?
A: I have. It is. Though I fear that expectations are outpacing reality and people are going to be disappointed, because how could any book be as good as all that hype? Backlashes are boring.
Q: Did you read The Corrections?
A: I did.
A: Well--okay. When The Corrections came out I was a freshman in high school, so I was more concerned with, I don't know, zits and punk rock than I was with literary fiction. I was up at my mom's place years later and without a book. She had a copy. I started reading it, not having read any Franzen or knowing exactly what was going on--just that it was maybe a famous book--and obviously it was exciting stumbling on something that great. Literally actually stumbling: It was a hardcover and being used as a doorstop.
Q: Answer the question.
A: I enjoyed The Corrections more--for the newness, the discovery--but Freedom might be the better book.
Q: So, can I buy it?
A: No. Tuesday.
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