April 28, 2012

I’m mentioning this now because this is going to take some thought on your part. We are putting on two great events on Monday.

First, at 6:30 James Gleick will be speaking with Granta editor John Freeman at Cooper Union’s Great Hall. BUT NEARLY SIMULTANEOUSLY, at 7pm Joshua Foer will be in our store speaking with Rob Verger about the mnemonic arts. This is basically that classic Solomonic dilemma of whether Spiderman will save Gwen Stacy or a gondola full of people, except Gwen Stacy is the ancient art of using images to remember entire books and strings of numbers (Joshua Foer) and the gondola full of people is an ambitious history of the entire race as seen through our relationship toward data (James Gleick). And your time is maybe a baby that should not be cut in half?

Whether you choose the blonde bombshell (still Foer) or the frenzied hoi polloi (still Gleick), two things are certain: you cannot do both, and in either case you will be wearing tights with a spiderweb pattern over your buttocks. 

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