April 17, 2011
Your Week at McNally Jackson

Guess what you guys. It’s Sunday, and you’re probably looking at tumblr on your iPhone while you’re out to brunch, taking occasional sips of your frigging mimosa. Well la-di-da Mr. or Ms. Comfybrunch. I’ve got news for you: I’m at work, and we’ve got events this week.

Monday: Blake Butler is here for There is No Year.

Tuesday: Thomas “I’m from Germany” Pletzinger is here for Funeral for a Dog. Tom Bissell—and I trust Tom Bissell—called it “a formally inventive, rigorously intellectual novel that also happens to be extremely funny and tender.”

Wednesday: All sorts of archtictural craziness for Aerotropolis.

Thursday: Philip Connors is here with Lewis Lapham. But that you knew.

Friday: And finally, bilingually, we’ve got the FSG Book of 20th-Century Latin American Poetry.

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